Changing Climates

This project is a corpus-based investigation of discourses around global warming, energy and mobilities in Brazil and Britain. It will contrast talk, text and social activities in two major economies, one in which the notion of global warming is widely accepted (Brazil) and another in which climate change scepticism is increasingly prominent in the public sphere (Britain).


Principal Investigator: John Urry

Senior Research Associate: Carmen Dayrell

Read the latest updates on this project:

  • New working paper on “Changing Climate and Society: The Surprising Case of Brazil” now available (4 July 2014)

    Why is Brazil unique when it comes to climate change? Brazil is a major emerging economy and it is the sixth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. However, its fossil fuel-based emissions are low by global standards. Brazil has been innovative in developing some relevant low carbon ways of generating energy and pioneered significant transport innovations. It ...

  • Changing Climates: Crossing Boundaries (1 April 2014)

    Last Friday (28th), CASS had the pleasure to host a cordial meeting in which researchers from CASS and the University of Bergen got together to discuss about their ongoing research on discourses surrounding climate change. The Norwegian team runs the NTAP project (Networks of Texts and People) which aims to explore the flow of information across ...

  • Update on Changing Climates (26 February 2014)

    The Changing Climates project is a corpus-based investigation of discourses around climate change. It aims to examine how climate change has been framed in the media coverage across Britain and Brazil in the past decade. Here, we look at two different scenarios. Recent surveys have shown that climate change is currently considered a high priority ...

  • Welcoming new CASS Senior Research Associate: Carmen Dayrell (14 November 2013)

    We are pleased to announce that Dr Carmen Dayrell (c.dayrell) has joined the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science as the Senior Research Associate on the Changing Climates project. You can read a bit more about her in her own words, below. My main research interests relate to the use of corpus methodologies to study language ...