Written BNC2014

Compiling a new, publicly accessible corpus of written British English.

This project is a collaboration between CASS and Cambridge University Press. Together, we are collecting samples of real-life, written British English, which will be compiled into a 100 million word, publicly accessible corpus.

Written BNC2014 will be a new version of the written section of the original British National Corpus, which is now over 20 years old. It is hoped that the corpus will allow for diachronic comparisons with the original BNC, whilst still being representative of current British English. We will be collecting samples from fiction, academic journals, newspapers, magazines, blogs, Twitter, and more.



Co-Investigator: Tony McEnery

Co-Investigator: Claire Dembry (Cambridge University Press)

Co-Investigator: Andrew Hardie

Senior Research Associate: Vaclav Brezina

Research Student: Abi Hawtin