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    Corpus Linguistics 2015

    Lancaster University, UK

    The eighth international Corpus Linguistics conference (CL2015) will be held at Lancaster University from Tuesday 21st July 2015 to Friday 24th July 2015, preceded by a workshop day on Monday 20th July.

    This series of conferences began with Corpus Linguistics 2001, an event celebrating the career of Professor Geoffrey Leech, on the occasion of his retirement. In August of 2014, we reported with great sadness Geoff's sudden death.

    Geoff was not only the founder of the UCREL research centre for corpus linguistics at Lancaster University, he was also the first Professor and founding Head of the Department of Linguistics and English Language. His contributions to linguistics – not only in corpus linguistics, but also in English grammar, pragmatics and stylistics – were immense. After his retirement, he not only continued his own research but also, characteristically, to provide advice, support and encouragement for students and junior colleagues. He is remembered as an inspirational teacher and mentor, and a kind and generous friend.

    By dedicating this eighth conference in the Corpus Linguistics series once again to a celebration of Geoff's life, his career, and his truly remarkable influence on the field, we once more pay tribute to, and commemorate, a remarkable intellect and a sorely-missed colleague.

    Plenary speakers

    We are delighted to announce that the following speakers have accepted our invitation to give plenary lectures at CL2015:

    More about the conference

    This conference is hosted by the UCREL research centre, which brings together the Department of Linguistics and English Language with the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster.

    For registration and more information, visit the conference's official website: