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    CASS contributes to the 2019 Festival of Social Science

    As part of the 2019 ESRC Festival of Social Science, we are running three free events on 7/8 November, in Lancaster and London.

    Cancer Metaphor Cafe (including the launch of the ‘Metaphor Menu for People with Cancer') - with Elena Semino and Sheila Payne (Lancaster University) and Zsófia Demjén  (University College London)

    Have you ever been irritated, or even upset when you heard someone describe cancer as a ‘battle’ that people ‘win’ or ‘lose’? What about alternative metaphors describing the ‘cancer journey’? If so, this interactive event is for you. Learn about a project at Lancaster University looking at metaphors for cancer, and discuss and contribute to one of the outputs of the project: ‘The Metaphor Menu for People with Cancer’. Ranging from musical to fairground metaphors, ‘The Menu’ aims to provide and stimulate new creative ways of talking about cancer.

    Lancaster, 7th November 2019:

    London, 8th November 2019:

    Health in the headlines - with Gavin Brookes, Paul Baker, Luke Collins and James Balfour (Lancaster University)

    The event will consist of four talks - each lasting approximately 15 minutes - that address how the media represent: dementia; HIV; obesity; and schizophrenia.

    Audience members will then have the opportunity to ask the speakers questions, and to share their own observations and ideas about how negative media representations of health issues might be challenged.

    A wall of post-it note suggestions will also allow participants to share their observations about bad practice in the media, and their ideas on how this might be improved. Refreshments will be provided at the beginning and end of the session.

    London, 8th November 2019: