Understanding the discourse-semantic shift towards risk – A corpus sociology

This project contributes to understanding the social shift towards risk in a historical perspective on the basis of The Times corpus (1785-2009). It develops an empirically grounded theory of how ‘at risk’-language occurred first irregularly in 19th century news coverage until the frequency jumped from the 1960s/1970s onwards. This historical transformation took place when a phase of wealth, economic stability and cultural transformation was challenged by economic crisis and social conflict with health and life-style related issues became a key driver for ‘at-risk’-constructs being increasingly instantiated in media coverage.  The research was undertaken as part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship 2016-18 at CASS (Grant Number 701836, H2020- MSCA-IF-2015). This research is part of a broader and ongoing research enterprise which develops a methodology which uses corpus linguistic tools for the analysis of social phenomena (Corpus Sociology)


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  • Zinn, J. O.: Plenary talk: Contested Knowledge – Contested Meaning: The Mutual Constitution of Data and Risk at the international conference Data in Discourse Analysis at the TU Darmstadt 18-20 Feb 2020.
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New Research:

  • Risk Communication in the Post-Truth Era (JO Zinn, M Müller, J Cook): An explorative study on the changes in news coverage of selected newspapers from Australia, the US, the UK and Germany, 11/2018-6/2019.

Other activities:

  • Zinn, J. O.: Lecture on Corpus Approaches in Sociology for the newly interdisciplinary Master Data and Discourse Studies at TU Darmstadt, 3 Dec 2019.
  • Zinn, J. O.: Lecture The Contribution of Corpus Linguistics to Sociology, Colloquium for PhD students TU Darmstadt, 2 Jul 2019.
  • Zinn, J. O.: Presentation of results and methodology at the UCREL seminar series, Lancaster University, 6 Dec 2018.
  • Zinn, J. O.: Seminar at a PhD workshop in Östersund and Sundswall (Sweden) on the methodology and research results of the Fellowship, 22 Nov 2018.
  • Zinn, J. O.: Organised session stream on Corpus Approaches to Risk at the international conference of the Research Network RN22 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty of the European Sociological Association, Kaunas, Lithuania,, 4-5 Oct 2018,.
  • Zinn, J. O.: Presentation of preliminary results and methodology at the UCREL seminar series at Lancaster University, 26 Oct 2017.
  • Olofsson, A. & Zinn, J. O.: Workshop: Methods, Methodologies and Research Strategies of Risk Research at Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Mid-Sweden University, Östersund, Sweden, 29 Nov–1 Dec 2016.


Jens O Zinn, University of Melbourne, School of Social and Political Sciences, jzinn@unimelb.edu.au