Towards a Corpus Sociology

This initiative started in 2008 with a session stream at the CADAAD conference in Herfordshire (UK) which aimed to bring together corpus linguistics with risk studies. In the subsequent years the research agenda developed. Even though mainly applied in the context of risk studies, the initiative aims to show how corpus linguistic methods can be utilized for examining sociological research questions. They are particularly useful for examining diachronic social change since with the increasing digitization of newspaper archives detailed examination of historical social changes becomes possible.


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Conference presentations:

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  • Zinn, JO: At the Workshop – Methods, Methodologies and Research Strategies of Risk Research which the Fellow organized in collaboration at Mid-Sweden University, Östersund, 30 Nov–1 Dec 2016.
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  • Zinn, JO: Risk as Discourse. Presentation in the session stream Risk as Discourse at the 2nd International Conference Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines, CADAAD’08, at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, 10-12 Jul 2008.


University of Melbourne: Associate Professor Jens O. Zinn (

TU Darmstadt: Professor Marcus Müller (link: https://www.linglit.tu-

University of Newcastle: Dr Julia Cook (


Jens O Zinn, University of Melbourne, School of Social and Political Sciences,