#LancsBox X: Innovation in corpus linguistics

CASS has always been associated with innovation in corpus linguistics. Innovation comes in different forms and guises such as the creation new corpora and tools as well as novel applications of corpus methods in a wide range of areas of social and linguistic research. With increasing demands on the sophistication of corpus linguistic analyses comes the need for new tools and techniques that can respond to these demands. #LancsBox X is one of such tools.

#LancsBox X is a free desktop tool, which can quickly search very large corpora (millions and billions of words) which can consist of simple texts or richly annotated XML documents. It produces concordances, summary tables, collocation graphs and tables, wordlists and keyword lists.  

On Friday 24 February 2023, a new version of #LancsBox X has been released. To mark this occasion, we organised a hybrid event, which attracted over 1,300 attendees. This event was co-sponsored by CLARIN-UK. A recording of this event is available above.

Launching #LancsBox X (Margaret Fell LT, Lancaster University)
CASS team supporting the event (others were helping online).
Online support of the event