Challenge Panel

The Centre’s Challenge Panel is a group of leading researchers in corpus linguistics who have agreed to contribute their expertise to the endeavour of extending corpus linguistics to engage with a broad range of social science questions. The Panel meets once a year and operates virtually throughout the year. It has two distinct roles: it contributes to solving issues arising from the core CASS projects and affiliated ESRC projects, and meets annually to deal with challenges emerging from novel requirements posited by attendees at that year’s training events before feeding responses to those challenges fed back to the individuals concerned. In short, the Panel helps us deliver our projects while driving innovation in corpus linguistics and its application in the social sciences.

Membership of the panel is as follows:

Junior Challenge Panel

Each year, 2-3 junior researchers are invited to join the Panel, where they will benefit both from the contact with senior colleagues and from the interdisciplinary nature of the panel’s working environment.

  • Julian Hargreaves (2013): PhD Student, Criminology, Lancaster University
  • Mark McGlashan (2013): PhD Student, Linguistics, Lancaster University
  • Beth Richardson (2014): Senior Research Fellow, University of Central Lancashire
  • William Allen (2014): Research Officer, COMPAS, University of Oxford
  • Sigrun Larsen (2015): PhD Student, Law, Lancaster University
  • Pei Liu (2015): PhD Student, Psychology, Lancaster University
  • Nikos Tsileponis (2015): PhD Student, Business School, University of Manchester

Member profiles are being added regularly, so check back soon to learn more about the Challenge Panel.