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    UCREL/CASS Summer School in Statistics for Corpus Linguistics

    Lancaster University, UK

    About the “Statistics for Corpus Linguistics” Summer School

    The Summer School in Statistics for Corpus Linguistics is a new addition to the annual set of summer schools for 2015. It is jointly sponsored by the UCREL and CASS research centres at Lancaster University.

    This summer school offers a practical introduction to the statistical procedures that can be used for analysis of linguistic data compiled into language corpora. The curriculum provides an overview of the main statistical procedures used in the field of corpus linguistics together with simple examples of application of these methods.

    The “Statistics for Corpus Linguistics” Summer School is intended primarily for postgraduate research students (and secondarily for Masters-level students, postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers, and others) who wish to learn about the use of statistics to explore language corpora. It is taught by Dr. Vaclav Brezina with contributions from other staff from Lancaster University and members of the CASS Challenge Panel.

    The summer school does not require any prior knowledge of statistics; however, it does assume that participants have some experience of corpus linguistics at least at a basic level.

    The following topics will be covered (some shared with the Corpus Linguistics Summer School):

    • An introduction to understanding statistics for corpus analysis
    • Frequency and dispersion; descriptive and inferential statistics
    • The statistics of collocation
    • Advanced corpus queries and the use of regular expressions
    • Null hypothesis significance testing and effect sizes
    • Inter-rater agreement
    • Historical corpora and time series analysis
    • Sampling methods and representativeness
    • Statistics in corpus-based sociolinguistics
    • Register variation and multi-dimensional analysis

    There are additional daily lectures shared with the other four Summer School events, each illustrating cutting-edge research using corpus data:

    • Tony McEnery — Representations of Islam in the UK press
    • Ian Gregory — Using corpus data in Geographical Information Systems
    • Veronika Koller — Metaphor in the language surrounding end-of-life care

    The full timetable will be made available on this page when finalised.

    In addition, participants in this Summer School will have the opportunity to meet and consult with members of the CASS Challenge Panel, a group of prominent specialists in corpus methodology.

    How to apply

    The UCREL/CASS Summer School in Statistics for Corpus Linguistics is free to attend, but registration in advance is compulsory, as places are limited. For more details, click here.