Distressed Communities: Perception and Reality

This project will apply thematic geo-referencing to a broad-coverage UK press corpus, mapping popularly-perceived associations between social issues (poverty, deprivation, mortality, immigration, crime) and different communities/regions/localities, to investigate how far attitudes match the reality found in statistical (especially demographic) datasets such as the UK census.


Principal Investigator: Ian Gregory

Research Student: Amelia Joulain

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  • Introducing CASS PhD student Amelia Joulain-Jay (11 December 2013)

    I am Amelia Joulain-Jay and I have just started some corpus-based doctoral research on the representation of places in nineteenth-century British newspapers. I grew up in Belgium, the daughter of an American mother and a French father, and this multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment fed my curiosity about the way people interact and communicate. After some …