CASS Projects

Overview of Core Projects

Changing ClimatesA corpus-based investigation of discourses around global warming, energy and mobilities in Brazil and Britain.

Hate SpeechThis project will take a more measured approach than that evident in the press by looking at the use of hate speech from a linguistic perspective, bringing together work in law and criminology in a project in which corpus linguists can inform the debate.

Comparable and Parallel Corpus Approaches to the Third Code: This research project, which involves international collaboration between Lancaster University in the UK and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a corpus-based study of the common linguistic and textual features of translations, from the perspectives of English and Chinese, two genetically distinct major languages in the world, by taking an innovative composite methodology that combines the comparable corpus approach and the parallel corpus approach to language studies.

Religion, Citizenship and IntegrationAn investigation of interviews with immigrants, building on a Home Office funded project entitled ‘What Works’ which looks at the role of religion in the lives of well-integrated immigrants. This project’s goal will be to better understand how integration does, or may not, work.

Distressed Communities: Perception and Reality: This project will apply thematic geo-referencing to a broad-coverage UK press corpus, mapping popularly-perceived associations between social issues (poverty, deprivation, mortality, immigration, crime) and different communities/regions/localities.

Understanding Corporate CommunicationsA comprehensive analysis of the form, content and impact of communications between large, publicly traded corporations and their key stakeholder groups concerning the following three key aspects of corporate governance.

Language Development, Disorders, and EnvironmentThis project will use large-scale corpus methods to investigate how features of the language environment influence the linguistic and social skills of typically and atypically developing populations of children.

Additional projects will be listed here as they are adopted by the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Sciences.