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  • New CASS Briefing. Researching online abuse: The case of trolling

    Researching online abuse: the case of trolling. Arguably, the biggest technological advancement in recent times is the internet Sadly, however, the internet also presents new opportunities to act maliciously. Increasingly worrying are offensive behaviours such as trolling and cyberbullying that involve individuals, and sometime whole groups, harassing others, sometimes for no other reason than to entertain themselves. Yet research into this subject is in short…

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  • Challenging Homophobia & Homophobic Bullying through Children’s Literature

    Homophobic bullying, whether verbal, physical, or cyber, is a significant and prevalent issue in schools[ref]Rivers, Ian. (2011) Homophobic Bullying. Oxford: Oxford University Press.[/ref]. Stonewall, a leading charity in campaigning for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) rights, reported in 2012 that 55% of LGB children in British schools experience bullying[ref]http://www.stonewall.org.uk/documents/school_report_2012(2).pdf[/ref]. They also reported earlier in 2007…

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  • Profile: Junior Challenge Panel Member Mark McGlashan

    Each year, two early researchers are appointed to the Challenge Panel, where they benefit both from the contact with senior colleagues and from the interdisciplinary nature of the panel’s working environment. We’re pleased to introduce the first 2013 appointment, Lancaster University PhD student Mark McGlashan. Here’s what Mark has to say about himself and his work: I am…

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