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  • Participants needed for psycholinguistic experiment!

    My PhD research combines methods from corpus linguistics and psychology in order to find out more about how language is processed in the brain. The method that I use from psychology is known as electroencephalography (EEG), and this involves placing electrodes across a participant’s scalp in order to detect some of the electrical activity of…

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  • Corpus Data and Psycholinguistics Seminar

    On the afternoon of Thursday 19th May 2016, CASS held its first ever psycholinguistics seminar which brought together researchers from both linguistics and psychology. The theme of the seminar was “Corpus Data and Psycholinguistics”, with a particular focus on experimental psycholinguistics. The afternoon consisted of four 40-minute presentations which covered a range of different experimental…

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  • Upcoming CASS Psycholinguistics Seminar

    CASS is excited to announce an upcoming half-day research seminar on the theme of “Corpus Data and Psycholinguistics”. The event will take place on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 1-5pm in Furness Lecture Theatre 3. The aim of the event is to bring together researchers with an interest in combining methods from corpus linguistics and…

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  • Participants needed for EEG experiment!

    For my PhD I am trying to find out how language is processed in the brain by combining methods from corpus linguistics and psycholinguistics. Specifically, I have extracted real language data from the British National Corpus and modified this data so that it can be presented to participants in an electroencephalography (EEG) experiment. In EEG…

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  • Introducing Challenge Panel Member: Michael Hoey

    We are extraordinarily pleased to announce Michael Hoey’s membership to the CASS Challenge Panel. Below, Professor Hoey shares a bit about his personal and professional successes.  I am a funny kind of corpus linguist in that all my publications for the first twenty years of my career were devoted to the study of written discourse…

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CASS Briefings

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CASS: Briefings is a series of short, quick reads on the work being done at the ESRC/CASS research centre at Lancaster University, UK.